What is Permaculture Farming?

what is permaculture farming

A question I often hear is: “What is permaculture farming?” The term is actually a combination of “permanent” and “agriculture” or “human culture” if you like. Broadly speaking, it’s about designing your garden or farm in such a way that the various elements work together in a sustainable manner, just as things work in nature. It’s like following nature’s design.

Permaculture is especially important where energy and natural resources are constrained. The benefits of practising permaculture are that you can save a lot of energy, work and resources.

Here are some elements of permaculture:
  • Principles of natural systems and design
  • Pattern in design
  • Trees and forests
  • Establishment of trees and vegetation
  • Garden strategies
  • Soils
  • Seeds and nurseries
  • Water in landscape
  • Aquaculture (aquafarming)
  • Mariculture (cultivation of marine organisms)
  • Management of domestic animals and wildlife
  • Buildings and structures
  • Energy conservation
  • Waste disposal and recycling
  • Designing for catastrophe (fire, flood, earthquake etc.)
  • Settlement design

As you can see, the subject of permaculture has a wide range of components. Are you interested in a career in permaculture? Perhaps you would like to follow the principles of permaculture in your own domestic or farm environment?

Permaculture Design Certificate courses are available in many parts of the world, where you can have practical training from highly-qualified instructors. Obviously, this will require you to travel to the location. All courses must follow the same format, no matter in what part of the world they are given.

A lead instructor must be present through the durationPermaculture Design Course Online of the course. He or she must be an established permaculture teacher and must hold a diploma in education or similar qualification. You will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate from your lead instructor upon successful completion of the course; the certificate will bear his or her signature.

Eventually, after having had substantial practical experience, if you feel that you would like to become a lead instructor yourself, you will need a Permaculture Diploma to do so.

Permaculture Design Course Online

how to learn permacultureIf it’s not practical for you to attend a hands-on PD course, you can bring engaging, affordable permaculture instruction into your home by taking a course online. One of the most esteemed teachers of permaculture in the US, Scott Pittman, has put together a complete video course that was filmed live at a PD course in Costa Rica. The drawback is that this online course does not offer a certificate – but that is what makes it so affordable!

This course teaches the foundations and principles of sustainable design.

Click here for a detailed outline of the online Permaculture Design Course (PDF)

“Permaculture teaches us how to design natural homes, how to create abundant gardens, plant food forests, how to include backyard animals, how to build biodiversity to protect wildlife, regenerate degraded landscapes and ecosystems, harvest rainwater, develop ethical economies and communities, and much more.”

Once you have purchased the course you will be able to access the contents online at any time for life. You can progress through the course as rapidly or as slowly as you like. Although you will not be issued with a certificate you will still benefit from all the content of a live PD course taught by a world-renowned permaculture instructor.

permaculture certificate online

NOTE: If you don’t want to stream the videos online, you can have all the videos and other lesson materials on a thumb drive shipped to your door >> Click here.

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