How to Start in Organic Gardening

how to start in organic gardening

How to Learn About Organic Gardening

Many of the foods available today are laced with pesticides, GMOs and other toxic matter. People are becoming more aware of the health risks of eating such foods. Some are thinking of growing their own organic food but do not know how to start in organic gardening. Indeed, what does it mean to grow food organically? Where can one find professional instruction on how to plant an organic vegetable garden, for example?

how to start a organic gardenObviously, the ideal person to learn from would be someone who has a real passion for organic gardening. He or she would need to have a deep understanding of how to prepare and maintain the soil in order to make the garden sustainable.

Such a person is Phil Nauta.

Known as “the Smiling Gardener”, Phil is a “Certified Organic Land Care Professional”. He has also achieved a Certification in Permaculture Design and another in Sustainable Building and Design. His book, “Building Soils Naturally”, is available at

In his course, “Growing Food Organically with the Smiling Gardener“, he goes into many different topics that are specific to growing food, such as:

  • Choosing a suitable location for your gardenhow to grow a organic garden
  • Creating poly-cultures
  • Companion planting
  • Succession planting
  • Rotating crops
  • Designing and building raised beds
  • Saving seed
  • Specifics on growing different types of vegetables
  • Much more, plus Surprise Bonus!

Course Contents

how to grow organic vegetable gardenThis is an online course that comprises 40 video lessons ($40). Once you’ve signed up you can stream them in your own time. If you don’t want the online version, you have the option to get all the videos and other course materials on a thumb drive shipped to your door. The price of the thumb drive version, including shipping to anywhere in the world, is $55.00.

If you want to know how to start in organic gardening and grow your own organic food, this is the course for you.

how to start a organic garden

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    1. “Oil”, Clara? Wait – you’ve given me an idea! One could establish an organic garden to cultivate medicinal herbs and flowers with which to distill one’s own organic essential oils!

  1. I have a smallish organic garden at home. There is nothing like the taste of your own tomatoes in a salad, with your own basil in the dressing. Gardening is great if one has at least a bit of space or even only a balcony :-).

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