How to Make Dark Chocolate at Home

Everybody loves that tantalizing delight we call chocolate. Some people would rather avoid it because they fear it might negatively affect their health. Yet, dark chocolate, when made correctly, can deliver remarkable health benefits. You can learn how to make dark chocolate at home that is both healthy and delicious!

how to make dark chocolate at home

Learn How to Make Raw Dark Chocolate at Home!

I can’t think of anyone who knows more about raw, dark chocolate than David Wolfe. Do you remember the movie, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”? That was when David first discovered the mystical magic of chocolate. Says David:

who is david avocado wolfe“A casual interest in chocolate throughout my life has blossomed into a passion and incredible fascination for the cacao tree and its prodigal product, the cacao bean.

Cacao beans are the raw form of chocolate. They are the key ingredient to all chocolate.”

In his intriguing online video course, Making Chocolate at Home With David Wolfe, he hits chocolate from every conceivable angle – from the cacao bean and cacao paste to the superfoods and super-herbs you can add to it, the mouth-watering recipes – the entire history and science of chocolate! You’ll also learn how to run your own chocolate classes. That could become a profitable hobby for you.

how to make a chocolate at home
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David’s course consists of 24 online video lessons (lesson 1 comprises 4 videos). Here is a brief run-down of the course contents:

  • Introduction – Welcome message from David; permaculture design; vanilla and cacao;
  • Planting a cacao tree (4 videos);
  • Making raw chocolate ( 7 videos) – what it does to your body; the superfoods you can add to them (including “fairy dust”!); medicinal mushrooms and herbs; healthy sweeteners such as honey;
  • Working with raw chocolate in the kitchen (8 videos) – structuring your chocolate bar; working with recipes;
  • Making a chocolate treat

The bonuses that come with your How to Make Dark Chocolate at Home course:

  1. How to run your own chocolate classes (4 videos) – keeping your audience engaged; organizing the class; explaining the components of a nutritious chocolate bar; establishing your fees; explaining cacao as a delivery system for superfoods; enjoy the festive spirit of a chocolate-making class!
  2. Master raw chef Elaina Love shows you how to make a delicious raw chocolate pudding!
  3. Master nutritionist Malcolm Saunders show you how to make a non-dairy chocolate milk with special health-enhancing ingredients!

The cost of the Making Chocolate at Home course is $99 CAD (you can use the Currency Converter in the footer below to convert to USD etc.).


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