How to Become a Raw Food Chef

Do you have a passion for wholesome, natural food? Would you love to be able to prepare gourmet meals that are nourishing, gluten-free, low-glycemic and optimized for gut and brain health? You can easily learn how to become a raw food chef without even leaving your home!

The Raw Chef Certification With Elaina Love is a fun way to get your raw chef training and certification online.

how to become a raw food chef

Elaina has been teaching raw food courses since 1998. She is a pioneer in the preparation of gourmet raw foods. Some of the course recipes she created herself; she has even invented some products which are now used by professional chefs who work with raw foods. She is one of the founders of Pure Joy Culinary Academy.

Here is an outline of the Raw Chef Certification Course:

  1. Demosholistic nutrition certification online
  2. Dips and spreads
  3. Liquids (juices, milks, smoothies, soups)
  4. Salads and dressings
  5. Breakfasts
  6. Cultured foods
  7. Condiments
  8. Main courses
  9. Breads and crackers
  10. Pastas and toppings
  11. Desserts

Equipment you will need for this course:

The juicer and dehydrator are nice to have but not essential, as with the apron.

Organic food is rapidly gaining in popularity. More and more people are becoming aware of the health risks involved with consuming chemically-grown food. Demand for more organically-grown produce and pasture-fed, hormone-free meat requires dedicated men and women who have had proper training in preparing meals using organic foods.

See the article: “Ten Reasons for Restaurants to Go Organic

Once you have successfully completed the Final Exam on how to become a raw food chef, it’s time for you to become professionally certified!

Note: It is not necessary to gain the professional certification to complete the level 1 raw food chef course. There are 2 scenarios:

  1. Course Completion – In this scenario, after having completed the lessons, quizzes and practice and passed the Final Exam, you will have gained your personal Certificate of Completion. The cost for completing the Course is $877CAD (Use the Currency Converter in the footer below).
  2. Professional Certification – This is if you want to become professionally certified as a Raw Food Chef at Level 1. To become professionally certified, Elaina Love will personally “check your work”.  You will be e-mailed a special link for you to apply for Elaina to check your work so that you can gain your professional certification. The cost for this extra service is $200CAD ( your total cost will then be $877 + $200 = $1,077CAD). If you don’t wish to become certified you can simply ignore the invitation e-mail and just settle for the Certificate of Completion.

become raw food chef

Easy Payment Option:

If you’d rather pay in monthly instalments, there is an easy payment option of $89CAD per month.

This online course on how to become a raw food chef can quickly propel your health, life and career to new heights!

online raw chef certification

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